World Mental Health Day – Beer with Buddies

Tuesday 10th October is World Mental Health Day and the theme is Tea & Talk. People are being encouraged to get togther and talk mental health, share experiences and/or raise awareness with the hope of making it an easier topic to talk about.

Mental Health is still not an easy topic to talk about, especially amongst men, with suicide being one of the major killers of men. According to Samaritans latest figure the numbers of female suicide per year are also showing an increase.

These figures show the need to talk openly without fear and judgement about our mental health. I have read some thoughtful and powerful blogs from beer bloggers that I highly recommend reading including Mark Johnson, Pete McKerry and Jim Cullen.

The beer scene itself has had a major impact on my own mental health as I have made some great friends, many of whom I believe will be lifetime friends, and people I can be open and honest about my mental health struggles.

This is where my clumsy alliteration comes in. For World Mental Health Day why not contact a buddy to go for a beer and chat, I’m not saying go and get drunk, but a chat with a friend while sipping on a Session IPA may be just what you or your friends needs.

Then do it again, not just on World Mental Health Day, but make chatting with friends about your struggles and your victories a normal occurance. We all have mental health, and nearly everyone has periods of poor mental health, so it should be normal to talk about it.

The alliteration aside (and who doesn’t love a bit of alliteration) you don’t need a beer or tea, or any beverage…just talk. Perhaps World Mental Health Day can just be the start.

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