Sadler’s Tap Showroom Quinton

It’s a very warm and sunny Monday afternoon and so I thought I would make a trip up the Hagley road and see what Sadler’s latest offering is all about. This for me is not too much of a distance. Being a B.ham City Centre dweller, the tap-room is a short classic number 9 bus journey away.

In the past I have used the number 9 and frequented Sadler’s flagship pub The Windsor Castle Inn in the heart of Lye in the Black Country. I have even enjoyed a very sociable evening taking in a new beer release at their Brewery tap-room a short walk from the pub. So could their latest venture on the main Hagley Road in Quinton offer the same experience?

Those familiar with this area will already be aware of the well catered fast food offering from very well-known chains and the Toby Carvery a stones throw away. A small car park out front is handy and will also be useful if you felt like falling out of here into a taxi. Alternatively, a bus stop back into the city centre or through to Stourbridge is a 2 minute walk.

In my opinion, Sadler’s have opened this taproom at the perfect time with the weather equally playing its part. A large open window bay is immediately obvious and perfectly compensates for the lack of a garden space and small premises. However, by no means is this particularly small. Moreover, keep an eye on your beer if you are in the window bay as any passing individual may reach in and help themselves to your beer. There is more than enough room to swing a cat in the bar and a chance to get comfortable if you take up the wooden offerings of tables and chairs.

At some point obviously nature calls. The toilets are located at the back and are small but perfectly adequate. Just watch your step as you go through the door, there is no warning but there is a dip. If you are particularly enjoying your visit, this could be hazardous if you are little merry.

Anyway, the beer! What’s on offer? Well obviously its their usual range. Expect to see favourites on cask like Worcester Sorcerer, Mellow Yellow and Hop Bomb. Also, arguably their most well-known, the Peaky Blinder stout and more recently, black IPA beers. They also have a good offering of kegged beers again including Black IPA and a few of their own ciders.

I decided to choose to begin with their Pineapple and Grapefruit pale ale at 4.5% on keg. A nice sessionable light and citrusy beer which went perfectly as the sun beamed down. I followed this up with the ever reliable, Worcester Sorcerer.

There is a smattering of wine on offer along with spirits and few beers in the fridge as well. Couldnt see anything towards the more known commercial end of beer and they simply offer their own range, which is a credit to them.

The staff are very friendly and welcoming and very attentive to the customer. So what can we say about this new place?

Well it doesn’t smack you in the face with amazing excitement but having said that, it certainly offers a great range of beers in a rather residential location and at a great price too. With food options near by as well, its sort of no brainer to come here. But you would have to commit to here for a session like their main pub unless you are doing a bus tour or don’t mind the travel.

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