Another positive review of the Pint Shop

As someone once said we live in interesting times and this applies to our little Birmingham beer bubble as well as the wider world. As we ponder what to expect from the various Taps, and try to figure out what to make of Sourgate at Tilt a new bar has […]

The Travelling Barman ~ Dubrovnik

Dave Hopkins, Matt Merrick The ‘Beeb’ still haven’t come calling. I’m beginning to wonder if my wish of an all expense paid trip around the globe to drink damn good beer is becoming increasingly slim. Is it really too much to ask for – to be paid for gargling copious […]

A Brummie’s Eye Over The GBBF

The Great British Beer Festival. CAMRA’S showpiece of the year returned once again to the Kensington Olympia in London. This was my third visit in a row and on this occasion I decided to do something slightly different. I decided to initially try and focus on the beers from the […]

Sadler’s Tap Showroom Quinton

It’s a very warm and sunny Monday afternoon and so I thought I would make a trip up the Hagley road and see what Sadler’s latest offering is all about. This for me is not too much of a distance. Being a B.ham City Centre dweller, the tap-room is a […]