Brewing Hoppy Hopkins 1

It was a 7AM start on Wednesday 15th June when Alex Hill picked me up to brew Hoppy Hopkins, the monthly special for July at Green Duck. First things first which in this case means getting the malt ready, Alex had already worked out how much was needed and got […]

Beer Tasting with Roberto Ross 1

     Tuesday 26th April was our first attendance at one of Roberto Ross’s bottle tastings, this one being held at Tilt in the city centre. We’d had a look at the list beforehand and thought the beers looked interesting and probably more importantly, somewhat different to what we usually […]

The background one

I am a man of a certain age who has been drinking beer longer than I care to remember, but being born in Burton on Trent I like to think I had a good grounding in drinking some decent stuff. I do remember when I first went out with the […]