CAMRA Chameleon?

I’ve been drinking real ale since I was old enough to drink, and craft beer has been a natural follow on from being a) young, and b) a lover of interesting, flavourful beers. However, I’ve only been a member of CAMRA for just over a year, partially encouraged by my […]

Traceability and Terroir

The terms traceability and terroir are massively important when it comes to selling high quality coffee, tea and wine – but much less so in beer. This blog post suggest some of the reasons the beer industry hasn’t fully embraced these terms as yet, and some signs that it is […]

My first Golden Pints

This is my first beer blog post and I’m starting things off in a fairly straight forward manner with my 2015 Golden Pints. The writing might have been straight forward, but the decisions definitely haven’t been – it’s been a year which has seen lots of great beers and beer […]