Zwanze Day Comes to Birmingham

On Saturday 29th September Clink will host Cantillon Brewery’s Zwanze Day.  This is a big deal, this is a very big deal for Birmingham and its burgeoning beer scene.  Lovers of Belgian beers, Lambics (wild yeast fermented beers) and sour beers hold Cantillon, and the beers it brews, in very high regard so the idea of a venue in Birmingham being chosen as one of only five venue in the UK to host the launch of the Zwanze beer is a real honour, and highlights the trust Cantillon have for Clink.

The Clink — Birmingham
Six° North — Aberdeen
Moor Beer — Bristol
Beermerchants Tap —London
The Pilcrow — Manchester

UK Venues – Zwanze 2018

You may be asking, like our own Dave Hopkins “I know it’s a big deal, but I don’t know why”.  To understand why you need to know more about Cantillon and Zwanze.

Brasserie Cantillon can be found in the  Anderlect area of Brussels, a relatively nondescript building in a fairly run down residential area close to the busy Bruxelles-Midi train station.  They have been either blending or brewing lambics since 1900, and are now world-renowned for the beer they produce and the brewery itself has become a place of pilgrimage for beer lovers across the world. 

Zwanze Day can be traced back to 2008, initially just a special release of an experimental beer and developed in to a celebration Day, largely in response to profiteers who would buy the beer from the brewery and then sell at an exorbitant markup online. It became world-wide release in 2011 (first held in the UK in 2012).  This is usually a special one-off release (exception being Zwanze 2009 release Mamouce, the 2018 version will be available on draft at Clink). It is only available at the chosen venues and drinking at the brewery only. The stated aim of Zwanze Day is to bring Lambic enthusiasts across the world together in celebration.

We were able to ask Dave from Clink a few questions about their plans.


What’s the format of their day?

We will be open as normal from 10am – 7pm, during which anyone can attend. We will then close for an hour to prepare the Zwanze keg and get things in order for the first pours at 8pm. Unfortunately we’re having to do this in sessions as we are such a small venue, so there are three short ticketed sessions of around 50 people a time.

What else will be going on – other beers etc?

We’ve got three other beers from Cantillon – Fou’ foune, Nath and Mamouche. We will also have a selection of other belgian beers on tap from breweries such as Tilquin and Boon, plus a wide selection of bottles to drink in and take away. In addition to this we’ve hired the Custard Factory courtyard and put on extra staff so we can pour six more beers, expect delicious american wild ales and some more traditional stuff to ensure everyone is catered for. The full list can be found here

How do people get tickets? Will this be online, in the shop only etc?

online only at

Are they hoping to make this an annual event?

We have no idea. it would be nice, but it depends on so many factors that are out of our hands.

How does it feel to have Clink be one of a small number of venues to host Zwanze in UK?

It’s great to be asked as we’ve championed lambic and spontaneous styles since we opened, so it was really cool for this to be recognised and subsequently approached to host by cave direct, but it is also pretty daunting. Cantillon is one of those breweries that you idolise, so the pressure to carry off the event successfully is massive. we’ve never really done anything this big before, so I’ve put a huge amount of time, effort and money into the event – hopefully it goes off without a hitch!

Clink Beer List for Zwanze 2018

We are very proud a Birmingham venue has been chosen to host Zwanze 2018, and if you still want to know why is such a big deal, grab a ticket, and come try the beer for yourself.

Please visit Clink on Twitter & Facebook for more info

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