Food & a Cocktail at the Rose Villa Tavern 3

      Although this blog is ostensibly about my adventures in beer, hence the title, sometimes there are other diversions.  So on Tuesday Aug 23rd Deb and I joined a few other bloggers to sample the new menu at the Rose Villa Tavern in the Jewellery Quarter. Upon arrival on P1000299what had been a hot day I checked out the beer offerings which were a little disappointing:there was only one cask beer on whilst they cleaned lines which didn’t appeal and neither did any of the keg offerings.  So to the bottle fridge we went, and whilst not stunning there were some solid beers in there from Anchor, Sam Adams, and Brooklyn Brewery, but Deb and I both went for beers from Flying Dog, probably one of the earliest American breweries I got into primarily because of the Ralph Steadman bottle designs.  I went with Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale and Deb had the Easy IPA, both decent beers, the latter especially going down well in the warm conditions. So far, so good…

      But now it’s time for what they call full disclosure or transparency, being invited there meant we got some free food and drink so bear that in mind although I hope it didn’t colour my opinion. First up was a welcome cocktail, Jamm’in Thyme Stoli Blueberi, a blend of vodka, sweet blueberry jam shaken and topped with bubbles and a sprig of thyme added, which we both found very pleasant, Deb more so than me.  P1000293And then it was time for chicken wings. Because of the way things were laid out we didn’t get to try them all but the Sticky Chipotle BBQ with beer drenched fried onions and mozzarella cheese ones were quite nice, however the Vietnamese with a unique soy blend, fresh chilli, spring onions & sesame seeds & crunchy fried ones were very good. From what Ian, the manager of the place, said the latter have been a popular staple of the menu for a while.

      Next up were burgers, again we tried a couple, the Meatball Mayhem, a beef patty, marinara sauce, Swiss cheese, topped off with a “secret recipe” meatball which wasn’t that easy to eat, and might be classed as too much meat for some people. And a veggie option of a Tabasco laced double bean burger with fresh avocado, crisp lettuce, beef tomato & mayo which came in a folded up and fried wrap rather than the bun that the others came in which was a little different.

      More food came out in the form of pasta, although we both only had a small forkful of this so couldn’t form an opinion, seemed ok, but if I wanted pasta I would probably be boring and go to an Italian restaurant.  And in a slightly perverse reverse order we finished with a couple of pretty tasty salads, the Popeye and the Vegan one

      So in conclusion the food was ok, I think Deb enjoyed slightly more than I did, and if in the Jewellery Quarter it’s certainly worth looking at and I wouldn’t be averse to going back for more wings and a burger, but, no offence meant, probably wouldn’t hang around for the beer…

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