Monthly Archives: September 2016

Birth of a Brewery pt 4

So before I left for my vacation with Deb I found time to pop in and see Rich and Chris at Burning Soul on Tuesday 20th September for the last part of our Birth of a Brewery series. The place has changed a lot since we first visited and is […]

Bristol Weekend 2

      When we booked tickets for the Bristol Craft Beer festival we decided to make a weekend of it since we were aware of the many great places to drink in the city. And then we discovered it was the end of Bristol Beer Week on the Friday […]

Meet the Brewer ~ Paul Spraget

I originally met Paul Spraget at the 2nd Birmingham Beer1 Bash in 2014 when I was a volunteer and did a stint behind the Weird Beard bar. The following year we were both back but he had moved on to Mad Hatter. So when he came up to Birmingham for […]

Four Pure tasting at Loki Wine 1

      In mid July, as part of Birmingham Beer Week and just before the Beer Bash launched Deb and I went to a Four Pure tasting and meet the brewer at Loki Wine in Great Western Arcade.  We thought it sounded fun as it was in an unusual […]

Birth of a Brewery pt 3

      So after our little sojourn in the Rose Villa Tavern (read about that here…) we were wandering down to 1000 Trades when we bumped into Chris Small who told us that they seemed to have finally finished jumping through all the necessary hoops that bureaucracy had thrown […]