Birth of a Brewery pt 1

     On July 19th Birmingham’s newest brewery finally took possession of the keys to their new premises in Mott St, formerly home to Two Towers, and now the hard work begins for Chris Small and Richard Murphy.  We stopped by in the evening to take a couple of photos

and have a brief chat in the hopes of charting the journey from empty building to first beer. They are a 5 barrel brewery with 4 fermentation vessels one of which is ready for carbonation, and at present they plan to do cask, keg, and bottle. Although they had a strong sense of what is entailed over the next few weeks the fact that the premises had already housed one brewery meant they weren’t starting completely from scratch. And when it is all complete the plan is to have the brewery at the back and a tap room at the front selling their own and other beers. This will give them chance, like many brewers, to interact with their customers and get an immediate reaction to the beers, especially the more experimental small batches.  If all goes well they hope to be brewing mid August and we can’t wait to see how things go. Finally we had to ask if there was any particular inspiration for the name Burning Soul and were told it’s meant to convey passion, for beer, for using quality ingredients and for making the best possible beer they can. Having chatted to them over recent months I know they have an “insatiable desire to put our lives into this” as they put it, have already made sacrifices and are very committed to making a success of this project.

P1000248We will be visiting again soon to keep track of their progress, and you can read more at


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