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A new look at the Coach & Horses, Weatheroak

In case you missed it the Coach & Horses (Weatheroak) has recently been refurbished! On the evening of Thursday 23rd June I was lucky enough to be invited, along with several food bloggers, to celebrate the makeover. We were all invited to taste some quality craft beers, meet the owners and share some delicious new sharing platters. The format of the night was for the guests to provide a test run of the ‘Monthly Brewery Tour & Talk’. An offer hard to resist and, of course, for me it was more about the beers and less about the food!

The  pub is situated just outside of Birmingham and has plenty of parking available. It has been in the same family for nearly forty six years and is comprised of a traditional bar, a lounge and a restaurant.  The Weatheroak Hill Brewery is also based there and this evening was designed to highlight the new restaurant & menu, the beers and the brewery tours.

The evening began with a chance to have a look around the restaurant and also browse the new menu. The restaurant is spacious and homely rooms and provides a lovely setting for everything from a large party or a dinner for two. It’s well set out and you really need a visit to see it for yourself, as a picture does not do it justice. The menu is excellent and has something for everyone. If you take a look now your mouth is sure to be watering. I will be making a return visit to relax and enjoy the restaurant more, because as it turned out we were not to enjoy our food in there.

I chatted with a few attendees and found myself drifting through into the comfy, spacious lounge which is a bit modern for my tastes. I passed through and quickly found myself in the two roomed traditional bar (my favourite part!) with its tiled floor, open log fire, antique pine tables and old church pews. There are eleven hand pulls serving five Weatheroak Hill Brewery ales and six guest ales. This is a very good selection in anybody’s book and I started the evening with the very moreish, award winning 3.8% Icknield Pale Ale. It turned out that this was the first of the ales to be used in the food pairing menu which formed part of the Tour & Talk.



The traditional bar was the location where the Tour & Talk was bring held with Head Brewer Robert Walker. We were seated and a few introductions followed before we led to the brewery, which is about a five meter walk from the pub. The six brewers barreled kit fits snugly into the old two story stables. It really is a fabulous setting for a micro brewery and must be a joy to work in. Robert explained the brewery’s history and some of the brewing process before we returned to the traditional bar.

Now we started the food and ale pairing part of the tour. There are five core beers in the range and they also produce a series of single hop IPA’s. I had a chance to try five ales on the night. The ABV’s are low enough to make each of the ales very sessionable. Is that a word? The exception was the ‘Cofton Common’, which at 4.9% this would be out of my session beer range. The Weather oak ‘Dark Mild’ was not on the bar that evening but it is currently available.

Robert took us through his brewery tour talk and commented on which ales he thought went well with which courses. The food was brought out during Robert’s talk and we had a change to try each ale in combination with the various starters, main and sweets. The portion sizes were very generous and there was almost too much food on offer, this may be altered when the tours are ‘live’.

All of the food was very good but my favorites were the ‘Smooth Chicken, Bacon & Brandy Pâté’ starter, the ‘Crispy Pork Belly’ main and the ‘Chocolate & Caramel Tart’ sweet. We also had a change to sample the cheese plater which I thought went very well with the ales. All of Robert’s suggested ale and food pairings matched. The balance of flavours from the First Gold & Cascade hops in the ‘Gold’ went well with the pate. The ‘Cofton Common’ with it’s smooth, crisp flavour profile was a great accompaniment to the crispy pork and the biscuit and bitterness of the ‘Hill Top’ complimented the tart.

The staff and service at the Coach & Horses were excellent.I’d like to thank the pub for the invitation and Robert for his tour & talk. Get yourself along to sample a brewery tour.



It’s A Wrap


@cloudwaterbrew announced the launch of DIPA v6 & v7 on Saturday Aug 13th and they will both be available on the day on keg and in bottles @Tilt_Brum and bottles @CotteridgeWines with the latter also having a variety of merchandise available. 

Speaking of Cotteridge they have also announced their next MTB event on Aug 26th with not 1, not 2, but 3 new and up and coming breweries in attendance –@SirenCraftBrew@BeavertownBeer, and @MagicRockBrewCo We wil be having a chat with Jaz & Kal to get more details…

@CravenArmsBrum recently announced a MTB with Marble Brewery on Monday 26th Sept and put out a cryptic clue to who the next one will be in Oct which we are extremely looking forward to.  Before that, some time soon there will be a tap takeover from Buxton brewery, purveyors of some mighty fine beers – yes, Guatemalan Coffee Extra Porter I’m looking at you.

Beer Events

Dudley Beer Festival starts today at Brierley Hill Civic Hall, Bank Street, DY5 3DA

The 12 best Black Country brewers have come together to bring back the Dudley Beer Festival, and it will include entertainment and meet the brewer sessions, details on  The only way is Dudley Facebook page. As our friend The Wench (@BlackCountryPub ) says “Yow’d be yampy to miss this”

Next Thursday the Worcester CAMRA Beer, Cider and Perry Festival begins for 3 days, full details can be found here

A Blog We Liked

Lots of breweries put out great blogs but we’ll finish where we started with Cloudwater, one of the most informative and transparent breweries out there, so read about their plans for cans


Birmingham Beer Bash: Dea Latis Brewsters Brunch

Question. What do you get when you get a brilliant bunch of brewsters together, mix in some awesome food and top it all off with the expert beer sommelier Annabel Smith?

Answer: The inaugural Dea Latis Brewsters’ Brunch @ Birmingham Beer Bash. The perfect way to kick start a Saturday morning.

Put together by me,  Lucy Kemp PR/Social Media type and co-founder of Clarity Comms, the Brewsters’ Brunch was a brilliant celebration of women in the beer industry.

I’d seen the Dea Latis beers and breakfast events in London and wanted to bring something similar to Birmingham. A few emails and phone calls later and the lovely ladies at Dea Latis were on board as were the Beer Bash team.

So who/what is Dea Latis?

Named after the Celtic goddess of beer and water, Dea Latis is a group of brewers, beer tasters, publicans, writers and marketeers. All with a passion for beer and a belief that it’s far too good to be enjoyed only by men.

Beer was, according to myth, a gift from a goddess to womankind. Brewing was traditionally women’s work; in the early 18th century, three-quarters of brewers in this country were female. So why, now, is only 13% of beer drunk by women (a far lower figure than in the USA or most of Europe)? Research indicates it’s because of misconceptions about beer as ‘fattening’ (it’s not, in moderation), ‘all tasting the same’ (it doesn’t) or ‘a man’s drink’ (it doesn’t have to be).

Dea Latis aims to challenge women’s ideas about beer and present it to them in a way that encourages them to taste it. We don’t expect change to happen quickly or easily, but that’s no reason not to try.

This is how the event went down;

The Brewsters

  •  Sarah John, Boss Brewing
  • Gwen Sanchirico, Sacre Brew
  • Michelle Kelsall, Off Beat Brewery, Crewe

The Beer

  • Off Beat Steampunk’d Amarillo IPA, 4.6%
  • Boss Brave, Adventurous American IPA, 5.5%
  • Sacre Brew, Man on the Oss, Rye Saison, 4.7%
  • Sacre Brew, Sirenia, Lemongrass Wheat Beer, 5.3%
  • Off Beat, Unhinged Ginger, 4.5%
  • Boss Black, Seriously Silky Stour, 5%

The Brunch

Peel & Stone provided a Mexican inspired sharing dish of Mexican Chilaquiles (lightly fried tortillas, spicy tomato sales, corn, avocado and crumbled cheese) served with bread for mopping up all the sauce. Followed by a sticky sweet banana sourdough with glugs of maple syrup, cinnamon sugar and a dollop of crème fraiche.

Brewing Hoppy Hopkins

It was a 7AM start on Wednesday 15th June when Alex Hill picked me up to brew Hoppy Hopkins, the monthly special for July at Green Duck. First things first which in this case means getting the malt ready, Alex had already worked out how much was needed and got the bags, which were mainly pale lager malt open the night before. And fortunately the brewery is set up with a small floor for storing the malt and a hopper above the mash tun which makes things a little easier.

Whilst the mash was going rather than standing around we got to cleaning FV 1, firstly by myself with the high pressure hose and then a little while later Alex got into the vessel to give it a good scrub down with caustic. Once the mash was done it was time to get the sparging going which means keeping an eye on the mash to keep it well watered and checking that the transfer into the kettle doesn’t go too fast. Meanwhile there is plenty of other work to be done which in my case meant cask cleaning. When they are returned they still have dregs of beer in them so they are steam cleaned before going on to the 3 stage cask cleaner. This involves a rinse with water, then caustic, and then a mixture of the two for a 4 minute cycle, so repetitive but also strangely therapeutic.

Meanwhile back at the kettle it is coming to the boil and so I get to do one of my favourite jobs, breaking up and weighing out the hops. I am used to the little vacuum packed bags of hops I get for my home brewing but on this scale it can be a little tougher as I learnt when breaking up the Simcoe hops for Scott Povey’s DIPA (see here Birmingham Beer Bash Profiles – Fixed Wheel Brewery — Midlands Beer Blog Collective), but this time it goes easier with the various hops, including some of my favourites such as Cascade, Chinook and Mount Hood we have picked for the brew, and obviously sitting in amongst that hop aroma is very nice.

Once the boil is on a roll so to speak it’s time to get back to cleaning and tidying, I was fortunate in that Alex didn’t ask me to clean out the mash tun, but I did get to drag the heavy slightly sodden bags out ready to be collected for animal feed at local farms. After 70 mins the wort is transferred via a cooling system into the newly cleaned FV and during this operation the yeast is added. Once again the aroma is to die for, the only better job would probably be working in a pesto factory…hmm, pesto beer, has anyone done that?  But I digress although really that is all there is to it, except for more cleaning, this time the spent hops have to be dug out of the kettle.  P1000215And then it is a waiting game as the beer is checked over the next few days to make sure it goes down to the desired Original Gravity before the final stage is done, adding sugar, usually dextrose, in the correct amount before the beer is transferred to casks, kegs and bottles. Although actually the final stage is when it is poured into a glass and you get your first taste…

Fast forward to Friday July 15th and I actually get to go behind the bar at Green Duck and pour my 1st pint of Hoppy Hopkins, although being a gentleman I let Deb have the first one, but then we clink glasses, say cheers, take a sip…and unsurprisingly it is very nice. But why wouldn’t it be, so far all the monthly specials including Tank’s Pale ale, Lynn’s Figgy Mild and Skirving Summer Ale have been good, and some of them such as the Shaky Steven’s American Stout have been very good. So cheers to the staff at the brewery and especially Alex for letting me help…now what are we going to do for our next Collaboration 🙂


Due to the vagaries of modern technology the questions that Bob emailed to Darren got bounced back, but we got them eventually so here is a bit more about the pub…

MBBC – Could you give me a bit of history to the Gunmakers Arms?
      Darren – The pub is in the middle of Birmingham’s famous ‘Gun Quarter’ and is a great back street pub with loads of history. We re-opened the pub on December 1st 2015 after it had been closed for some time. It’s a friendly, cosy, old fashioned ‘proper boozer’. The20160715_190407 Grade II listed building houses three bar areas and a beer garden and has been on this site since 1820. It’s been linked to the Eastern European community for quite a while and we’re keeping that relationship going. We’re setting it up as a destination pub with lots of interesting events and of course it is the tap house for Two Towers Brewery. Two levels of the brewery can be seen from the beer garden.

Why vegan? What the motivation behind that?
      We’ve always offered our bottled products as vegan friendly and we do vegan cask ales quite often. We have a lot of enquiries from customers asking where our vegan products can be bought from, and we are planning to move to all vegan products. A year ago we hosted the first ‘Brum Vegan Beer Fest’ at the Mott St brewery site as we thought that there wasn’t enough going on for vegans, from a beer point of view, in the city.

What’s the motivation for some of the community focused events you guys do?
      It’s great getting out and about and interacting with the public. We’re asked quite often to attend events as we’re known as a local brewery and people identify with that. We did a lot of community events last year but have cut down this year, as we’ve just been too busy with the opening of the Gunmakers Arms and the brewery move. Having said that we are planning on some doing some more great events this year with Hidden Spaces, Perrott’s Folly and Re-Future. You can read about some of our event’s here: and

There is a list of events we have coming up below.
Historical & Scientific Talk Series – free entry and talks start at 7pm
·         Tuesday 26th July. Ian Mitchell, University of Birmingham – ‘Psychopaths: Are they all bad?’
·         Thursday 28th July. Mike Mounfield – ‘The Municipal Bank’
·         Wednesday 17th August. Brendan Flynn – ‘Birmingham’s Michaelangelo – The work of William Bloye 1890 – 1975’
·         Wednesday 31st August. David and Pam Humphries – ‘The Coffin Works’
·         Wednesday 19th October. Caroline Archer – ‘Baskerville revisited’
Regular events
·         Last Sunday of the month 6.30pm. Poker evening for beginners (relaxed but with poker chips) – free entry.
·         Last Thursday of the month 7.30pm. The King Kong Comedy Club Comedy evenings – free entry but a donation for acts is appreciated.
·         Second Tuesday of the month 5.30pm. Game On. Next event is on 12th July  – free entry.

Other events
·         Sat 23rd July 2.00pm. GMA rock fest. Headers are Harlequin’s Kiss. More acts TBA soon. Free entry.
·         Sat 6th August. The Taskers live at the GMA. Free entry.
·         Sat 28th August. The Birmingham Superprix Film Event. More details soon. Ticketed event.
·         Coming soon – A chocolate and ale pairing session. Ticketed event.
·         Coming soon – Czech cinema and Hammer Horror double bills. Free entry.

I headed to the Gunmakers with my wife and a couple of friends on Friday 15th to sample a stillfew beers, unfortunately the food had finished being served so can’t comment on that.  The pub is only a short 5 minute walk from Snow Hill station and is, as Darren described “a proper boozer”.  Since it was a pleasant evening we sat outside and sampled some very tasty local beers inc (descriptions are taken from the pubs own list) :-

RocknRoll Brewhouse, Bramble On, 4.7% (pale).
A stronger strength version of one of our popular pale ales, single hopped with British Bramling Cross hops.

Kinver Brewery, Swallow’s T’Ale, 4.1% (pale).
A light golden bitter, brewed with a selection of English and American hops.
Twisted Barrel Ale Brewery and Tap House, Oblivion, 6% (dark).
A hoppy roasted porter with huge coffee aroma and a lasting bitter finish thanks to the liberal use of Cascade, Chinook and Columbus.

Fixed Wheel Brewery, The Kaiser, 5.0% (pale)
Our German wheat beer in honour of Tour legend Jan Ullrich, big banana flavours on a vienna and pils base topped of with melon flavours from the new German hop huell melon.

Two Towers Brewery, Demon beer, 4.1% (pale).
A rich IPA with a syrupy body. Mango and orange flavours give way to hints of lemon & grapefruit with a long lasting finish.

And, natch, Green Duck Beer Co., Hoppy Hopkins, 4.6% (pale).
A stramash of high alpha hops combine to give a super hoppy bitter beer with citrus and herbal flavours.

Have to say the Oblivion and Kaiser were both very good, hope to be able to try the keg version of the latter soon, and top marks to RocknRoll for their British Pale Ale

Birmingham’s Beer Week & Beer Bash and Beyond

The Birmingham Beer week is now in full swing with a successful Birmingham Vegan Beer & Food Festival in the books.  There is lots more to come, and we wanted to give you a summary of what’s still to happen.  We have already enjoyed the Mabfest III and a blog update will appear shortly.


Over the following week we will repost our Birmingham Beer Bash Brewery Profiles just to refresh your memories and build up anticipation for some of the lovely beers that will be available from these awesome local breweries.

All event details can be found on our Upcoming Events Page with links to the Facebook Events pages.

Tuesday 19th 

Rothammer Tap Take Over – Cherry Reds

Wednesday 20th

Fourpure Craft Beer Tasting – Loki Wines

Thursday 21st 

Birmingham Beer Bash – Day 1 – The Bond Company

  • Fringe – B63 Brewshed Live Brew and Grainfather Demonstration

Belgian Independence Day- Cherry Reds

Beer Bash After Party Including Fourpure Meet the Brewer & Tap Takeover – Tilt

Friday 22nd

Birmingham Beer Bash – Day 2 – The Bond Company

Maule brewing tap takeover with Strumtroopers – Cherry Reds

After-party for Birmingham Beer Bash attendees – Cherry Reds

Anspach & Hobday – Stouts and Sours Event – Tilt

Saturday 23rd

Birmingham Beer Bash – Day 3 – The Bond Company

  • Fringe – Early –  Dea Latis Brewsters Brunch
  • Fringe – Early & Late – Founder Beer Tasting
  • Fringe – Late – Bad Beer Workshop with Gwen of Sacre Brew

Birmingham Independent Record Market – 1000 Trades

After-party for Birmingham Beer Bash attendees – Cherry Reds

Electric Bear – Collab Beer Launch – Tilt

Until Monday 25th

Jazz, Beer & Cider Festival – The Lord Clifden

We hope to be attending some of these events and hope to see you there.  Dave will be at at The Beer Bash as a member of staff, keep an eye out for him, I know he will welcome a hello.  I (Bob) will be in attendance Thursday and Friday evening, volunteering and as a punter on Saturday afternoon.

Whats Next?

We have some big plans ahead.  The first of which is the introduction of our new logo.  We are very grateful and proud of the awesome logo The Upright One has created for us.  We love it and feel it reflects the collaborative and person centred approach we have, plus it showcases some local landmarks and of course, beer.  We would strongly encourage you to contact The Upright One for all your graphic and design needs, find his website here.  Check out his blog about the importance of good in the beer industry here.


This is just the start, as we continue to develop the site and find better ways to achieve our mission to promote and celebrate the Birmingham Beer Scene.  We will keep you informed of our plans and hope you enjoy what we are up to.  Our next step if to move the website to self hosting, and hope this will improve the overall look and functionality of the site, and enable us to bring you more information and a tool to help our readers in their beer adventures.

If you would like to join us in our mission please drop us a message or email and we will welcome you to the Collective with open arms.

It’s a Wrap

Only one ICYMI this week and that is from the Craven Arms who announced they will be having a Buxton Brewery tap takeover next month, check out their events page on Facebook for more details.

With Birmingham Beer Week starting tomorrow there are a few things going on to keep us thirsty drinkers satisfied…

Friday 15th and Saturday 16th July

Vegan Beer Festival Gunmakers Arms, Bath Street 1200 onwards. Come and join us for all vegan ales from all Midlands breweries!
Food will be from The Vegan Grindhouse and Change Kitchen.

Friday 15th – Sunday 24th

Beer & Cider Festival, Lord Clifdon, 34 Great Hampton St Lots of great beers, again from local breweries

Friday 15th July
Weird Beard Meet the Brewer, Brewdog Bar, John Bright St

Clink Bottle shop and Tap house opens in the Custard Factory

Inn on the Green beer festival started Thursday 14th and runs until Sunday 17th, lots of good beer on and live music on Saturday

Saturday 16th July
Live brew by Twisted Barrel at Stirchley Wine 1535 Pershore Rd

A Black Country Beer Day out organised by 2 local CAMRA branches but not just for CAMRA members, full details here:-

Tuesday 19th July
Rothhammer Tap Takeover Cherry Reds, John Bright Street

Wednesday 20th July
Pour Pure Tasting, Loki Wine, Great Western Arcade, ticket information here

Thursday 21st – Saturday 23rd
Birmingham Beer Bash The Bond Co, Fazeley St, Digbeth
The Midlands’ premier keg event! Featuring beers from a hand-picked selection of the UK’s finest breweries across more than 70 taps, plus international beer, cider, food, music, tastings and a bottle bar.
For more information and tickets visit
Follow us on Twitter (@birminghamCubed)
Like us on Facebook (

Thursday 21st July
Belgian Independence Day
Cherry Reds, John Bright Street and Cherry Reds, Kings Heath
Free bottle of Vedett with every Belgian-themed special amongst other discounts on Belgian beers & goodies.
Four Pure Party, Tilt, City Arcade, Birmingham

Friday 22nd July
Latest episode of Beer O’Clock goes out featuring the Midlands Beer Blog Collectives very own Bob Maxfield and his delightful wife Sarah discussing Fixed Wheel Beer

Meet the Brewer with Maule Brewing Cherry Reds, John Bright Street 1900 onwards
Meet the Brewer session with Maule Brewing, accompanied by Strumtroopers ukulele band.

After-party for Beer Bash attendees Cherry Reds, John Bright Street Until 0200 Show your wristband for either of today’s Beer Bash sessions to get 10% off all UK guest beers.
Anspach & Hobday Sours and Stouts, Tilt, City Arcade, Birmingham

Saturday 23rd July
After-party for Beer Bash attendees Cherry Reds, John Bright Street Until 0200 Show your wristband for either of today’s Beer Bash sessions to get 10% off all UK guest beers.
Electric Bear Collab Releases, Tilt, City Arcade, Birmingham

Birmingham Beer Week – Brum Vegan Beer & Food Festival

The inaugural Birmingham Beer Week will be kicked off by Two Towers Brewery with a Vegan Beer & Food Festival hosted at their bar The Gunmaker Arms, within the historical Gun Quarter.

This year Two Towers bring the big guns with them with the majority of the beers being provided by local brewers, with the event also serving as MABfest III.

The beers will include:

  • Backyard Brewhouse, Summer, 4% (pale)
  • Craddocks Brewery, Stout, 4.5% (dark)
  • Fixed Wheel Brewery, The Kaiser, 5.0% (pale)
  • Fownes Brewery, Upper Gornal Bitter, 3.8% (amber)
  • Green Duck Brewing Co, Hoppy Hopkins, 4.6% (pale)
  • Kinver Brewery, Swallow’s T’Ale, 4.1% (pale)
  • Twisted Barrel Brewery, Export India Porter, 6% (dark)
  • Weatheroak Hill Brewery, Cofton Common, 4.9% (pale/amber)
  • Freedom Brewery, Authentic lager, 4% (pale)
  • Rock and Roll Brewhouse, Bramble On, 4.7% (pale)
  • Sacre Brew, Sirenia, 4.1% (pale)
  • Two Towers Brewery, Chamberlain Pale Ale, 4.5% (pale)
  • Two Towers Brewery, Demon beer, 4.1% (amber)
  • Two Towers Brewery, Jewellery Porter, 5% (dark)
  • Two Towers Brewery, Number 11, 4.3% (pale)

Green Duck Brewing Co, Hoppy Hopkins, 4.6% (pale) will also be making its debut. A beer brewed with and named after our very own Dave Hopkins.

With food provided by Change Kitchen and Vegan Grindhouse.

Our mission is to promote and celebrate the beer scene in Birmingham, and we love to see the local brewers working together.  We encourage our readers to pay a visit and support the efforts of our local brewers.


Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. There will be one winner, chosen by random selection.
  2. The promoter is offering an ale masterclass for eight guests on Saturday 16th July at The Botanist, Birmingham.
  3. To enter the prize draw, entrants must retweet one of the relevant Twitter posts.
  4. The Promotion will be open from Friday 8th July until midnight on Monday 11th July inclusive.
  5. The winner will be announced on Twitter, and further contact details may be requested in order to arrange the prize.
  6. The prize must be redeemed on Saturday 16th July only, at 16:00
  7. The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative will be offered.
  8. Winners must be willing to be featured in promotional filming that will be taking place during the night.
  9. The prize is subject to availability. The Promoter reserves the right to substitute with a prize of equal value in the event that circumstances beyond its control make this unavoidable.
  10. The Promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promotion if necessary.

Promoter: Midlands Beer Blog Collective (

It’s A Wrap


In Case You Missed It

  • On Thursday 7th the Craven Arms will be serving @sirencraftbrew Tidal Wave, their double Soundwave IPA, and you decide which is best – Like Cask, Retweet #evilkeg @CravenArmsBrum
  • Unless you have been living under a rock you are no doubt aware it is Cotteridge Wines 21st birthday celebrations this weekend, check out their twitter feed @CotteridgeWines for details of the excellent line up of beers they will be serving. We’re guessing a few of our readers will be there, so note that @davhop72 will be there Fri afternoon and Sat evening and @bobmaxfield will be there on the latter so come say Hi if you see us.
  • The Birmingham Beer Bash has announced a fringe event for the Friday, “Coffee and Beer with HasBean”, join Steve and Roland to sample four beers that have used their coffee in them
  • Check out ‏@CAMRAStourHales for details of a Black Country beer day out on Sat 16th July
  • Loki Wines have announced their first beer tasting event with @fourpurebrewing, it will be part of Birmingham Beer Week on Weds 20th July
  • Looking further ahead TopBeer Crew will be having their 1st Anniversary Celebrations between 26th – 28th Aug at The Swan Inn Long Lane, Halesowen, B62 9JY during the pubs beer festival

This Weeks Beer Adventures

  • Thurs 7th – Tidal Wave cask and keg at the Craven Arms 47 Upper Gough Street, Birmingham
  • Fri 8th & Sat 9th – Cotteridge Wines 21st birthday celebration
  • Fri 8th – Sun 10th – Rocklands Ale Tasters beer festival Rocklands Club , 59 Birchfield Road, Headless Cross, Redditch B97 4LB
  • Tues 12th – Tilt Homebrew Club, 2 City Arcade, Birmingham
  • Fri 15th & Sat 16th – Brum Vegan Beer and Food Festival, Gunmakers Arms, 93 Bath Street, Birmingham. Check out their twitter and facebook for other regular events

If you have anything you would like to be included in our weekly round-up drop us a message on Facebook, Twitter, or email us on