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Over coming months there are a number of exciting things on the horizon, all of which we hope you will enjoy reading about on Midlands Beer Blog Collective.

But first, one of the questions I’ve wanted to address since starting this blog. Why do we do this? Why have we created the Midland Beer Blogging Collective (#MBBCUK)?

Our mission, is to promote, celebrate and discuss the Midlands beer scene. We hope to increase the awareness of all the wonderful beers, bars and events available in the Midlands to the great British beer buying/drinking public.  Many of these blogs will initially be about the West Midlands (particularly, Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton), as that is where most of us currently blogging are from, but we hope as it develops the blog can be about the whole of the Midlands, East and West.

We are just a group of beer geeks who love talking about the beers we drink, the places we buy them from and the bars/pubs we drink them in.  Over recent months/years, we have all got to know some fantastic people through drinking beer, and are all keen to share our thoughts and enjoyment of beer with others.  We would like this to be an open forum where people can come and have friendly, open discussions about all the Midlands has to offer, and a place where people can get to chat to other like minded people.

This isn’t just about us blabbing away at you, we also want you to contribute to this project. If you have a passion for Midlands beer and want to blog on a regular basis, or if you have a burning desire to get something off your mind we would like to have you as part of the team.

If you are interested in hearing more or contributing something, please contact us via Twitter or email us at midlandsbeerblog@yahoo.co.uk.

Bob Maxfield

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Love beer, love my wife, love drinking beer with my wife. Proud geek with love of wrestling, MMA, movies, tv, comics.... #PUSB. Co-Founder of Midlands Beer Blog

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